13th October 2018

Health & Safety

“Health & Safety Statement”
This is the 10th consecutive year for the Jungle Ride Charity Bike Ride and whilst we have selected routes and distances that are not only challenging for the rider, they are also enjoyable and safe for them to ride. Whilst we have attempted to identify likely areas of ‘increased risk’ to the rider it is not possible to eliminate all risks. Our responsibility is to identify risks that it would be reasonable to conclude exist and introduce control measures to reduce them.
We have selected three distances on one return loop for this year’s ride, the 90, 120 and 180 kilometre route options offer challenges that should suit riders of all ages and abilities. All three options offer both inexperienced and the more competent and experienced riders the opportunity to challenge themselves. These routes and distances were selected to ensure safe and enjoyable riding. We ask that riders ensure that their bikes are roadworthy, and that they ride in accordance with the Highway Code and local road/traffic conditions at all times.
As organisers, we have attempted to reduce the risk relating to adverse weather conditions by holding the event in mid spring. Unfortunately we can never guarantee riding that does not include sun or rain exposure, it does however go some way to ensure cooler and calmer weather. We all know that this cannot be guaranteed and you should all wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment for the weather/road conditions on the day.
The ultimate responsibility rests with the rider, as it is only he/she who can make the decision as to their own safety. We ask that all riders comply with the ‘Terms & Conditions’ stated on the waiver form during registration( link below is the waiver you sign) and it is the riders’ decision to adjust their speed and assess road conditions at a particular place, at a specific time relating to the prevailing weather conditions, volume of traffic or road surface etc.
We also have a number of repair/recovery vehicles out on the roads and you always have the option of asking for assistance.
If you feel unwell or in the event of adverse weather conditions, we would far rather you stop and await the arrival of support than carry on and suffer fatigue or worse. We have numerous marshals out on route, both at static locations and in cars and we ask that riders listen to instructions given by the event organisers and route marshals. (All marshals will be wearing ‘High Visibility’ shirts)
Therefore we ask that all riders work with us to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the day.
“Remember this is not a race and as event organisers we ask that you fully comply with all traffic regulations whilst riding the event. One of our primary objectives for the ‘Jungle Ride Charity Bike Ride’ is to promote responsible cycling as a healthy activity”
Jungle Ride Terms and Conditions of Entry will be placed here soon.